How can I Configure Comcast email settings for IMAP and SMTP?

Only when you set the Comcast email settings correctly, you will be able to send or receive the mail without any error. You will have to set up the email setting in the following way; so if you are in the midst of a situation like this, then you are in the right place. Come let’s configure email settings for IMAP and SMTP.

How to Set the Comcast Email?

  1. The following details in your mail settings should be correct for the proper functioning of your mail. 
  2. In the incoming mail server, enter and in the incoming server port type 993 with SSL. 
  3. In the outgoing mail server, type out and in the outgoing server port type enter 587 or 465(SMTPS). Now under the encryption, type TLS. 
  4. So wherever login credentials are asked; that is, Comcast email login is asked in those places you will have to enter your email address in full with your domain name. Also, enter your comcast email password for that email address. In the place of username, type your email address except @and your domain name. 

By setting up like this will help Xfinity email login to happen without any error.